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We helped keep at-risk employees safe at work

I have to give Spudd Mobile top ratings for everything. Not only was the mobile app development perfect and pain free, but the account management and customer service was also top notch.
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Antony Stening
Momentum Online

How we helped

We partnered with SL Labs to design and develop – a personal safety iPhon app that helps to keeps at-risk employees and lone workers safe at work.

The idea

Some people risk their safety every day, just by going to work. They need people looking out for them, but how can we do that without following them around all day? is a simple, reliable iPhone app that makes it easy to monitor people at risk – wherever you are.

How it works

Tell the app where you’re going, what you’re doing, and how long you expect it to take.

If you’re gone longer than anticipated, your emergency responders are automatically alerted to check on you right way.

In-app SOS and Flic intgration means you can call for help with a tap of a button – with or without your iPhone, whilst GPS boadcasting ensures people always know where you are.

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