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We helped TSB Bank win new customers with an award-winning mobile game

I have to give Spudd Mobile top ratings for everything. Not only was the mobile app development perfect and pain free, but the account management and customer service was also top notch.
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Antony Stening
Momentum Online

How we helped

In 2012, we helped TSB Bank launch their [my]bank mobile marketing campaign. The goal? Increase new account signups across the board.

We worked closely with Momentum Online in New Zealand to build MoneyGrab, the iOS game at the heart of the campaign.

The campaign

The concept of the campaign was simple enough: play the game, win virtual currency, and TSB will credit the same amount in real-world cash to a new bank account in your name. Ker-ching!

The game

Players are tasked with catching coins as they fall from the sky – while simultaneously avoiding rocks and bombs.

The more money you grab within the time limit, the more dough TSB will have waiting for you in your shiny new account. Nice!

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